The Advantage Of A Trust

A trust is the best way for your family to avoid probate after you die.

When you die, you are no longer here to sign deeds, checks, or stock certificates, etc. Your property cannot be transferred. Probate is the process where a judge signs your name to documents so that assets can be transferred to your beneficiaries.

Probates are expensive, lengthy, public and unnecessary.

A trust eliminates the need for a probate. Although you can die, a trust lives on. If you put your property into the name of a trust (rather than your own individual name), the property can be dealt with after your death without a probate.

The Trustee you name in your trust can pay your bills and distribute your property without court intervention.

A trust is also ideal if you become incapacitated, whether by illness or accident. Once again, the Trustee you name can step in and take care of your financial affairs without court intervention.