Legal Issues & Your Rights

What rights you have and how to fight for them when in the Rent Escrow Account Program under the city of Los Angeles. Which with little cause or concern, allows the city to seize the rents of tenants of a property from the landlord.

Probates, the legal wranglings that occur after a death when one has not prepared for such an eventuality can be very trying and public for a family. Trusts provide the legal mechanism to prevent this, carrying out one’s will after their passing.

Sole Proprietorships have tax advantages but suffer from liability issues, while Corporations have liability advantages but lackluster tax options. However a Limited Liability Company has the best of both worlds.

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Financial planning requires tax planning.

The perennial investment and how to maximize it.

When our words fail us, and duels are frowned upon.

Managing your property and assets for future generations.